February 13, 2012

Very cool



While researching the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Mandy Barker began collecting sea junk of her own and had researchers send her trash they too were finding in the ocean.

The result: Soup, a series of narrative photo collages.

Via Design Boom:

For each still, individual pieces of plastic are photographed on a black background as well as in combination with other articles of a similar size. barker then overlays these images with one another, illustrating the smallest up to the largest items of trash, creating a feeling of depth and suspension in the final visual. the sequence of the photographs reveal a narrative which begins with the initial attraction of plastics to sea creatures, their attempted ingestion, ending with their ultimate death represented through ‘soup: ruinous remembrance’.

Images: Selected photo collages from Soup, by Mandy Barker.

Click any to embiggen.

(Source: futurejournalismproject)

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